About Me

I started out a little over 12 years ago as a newbie IPSC shooter, who, like everyone it seems, needed a little bit of work done to his/her pistol. Gunnar at ARMCO was able to fix me up with what I needed to keep me shooting. This was the beginning of a friendship that is still strong today. As time went on, and competitive upgrades to my pistols increased, Gunnar began to let me do my own work to keep myself running. This gradually evolved into full time gun repairing two years ago.

I have learned my skills from a Master Craftsman and will now move ahead into the future, developing my own style. I will still collaborate with Gunnar on many projects, and will continue to do the famous ARMCO tune ups for him as long as he requires them. That same quality tune up will continue to be offered at Bumblbee Custom Machine, but will be known as a BCM tune up.

I look forward to providing quality service to all past customers and all future customers as well. Thank you for bearing with us during this restructuring of services. It seems NOTHING goes quite as smoothly as one might anticipate!